Who am I?

FTST - 20% Opacity

I’m Tanya and I’m an anxious introvert.

I set up Woo Crew in 2021 as a pivot from my day job as a massage therapist.

Making a living out of touching other people in a darkened room was fantastic before the pandemic, but I needed to find another way to reach out to people when hands on therapies were no longer allowed.

Inspired by my own rampant mental health issues, and using my decade’s worth of experience as a holistic therapist, I created Woo Crew as a platform to talk about realistic self care & the importance of mental health.

I am tired of meaningless words, and the fluffy image that surrounds self care, when I know from experience its the hardest fucking thing to do, and to keep doing.

I am aggressively in search of inner peace & I welcome anyone who wants to join me on their own wellness journey.

Let’s smash stereotypes together,

Tanya x